Nadia Bauri has outlined several attributes to look for in a partner, stating that the person you love should be able to soothe your spirit.

When it comes to love, we’d say Nadia Buari is one of the greatest when it comes to delivering love and relationship advice, and she’s just set down some attributes or characteristics you should look for in the person you love today.

She believes that the person you love should be the safest place for you to be yourself since life is difficult and that person should be your consolation, not the other way around.

According to Nadia Buari, the person you claim to love or love should be someone with whom you can be yourself and who may be your consolation, a place where you can find serenity and quiet your spirit.

Most tragic love tales we hear don’t mention any of the things Nadia Buari described, which is a shame because love is considered to be a beautiful thing, and if nothing else, it should be a place where you may find consolation or calm when life becomes tough.

She wrote on Instagram:

The person u love, should be where u can calm your soul. They should be your safest place to be yourself. Life is hard enough. That person should be your solace