Even as the country’s position has worsened, award-winning Samuel Adu Frimpong, often known as , has praised the country’s young for their continual attempts to make living comfortable.

In particular, , who is regarded as one of the most important role models for young people, particularly in the music business, praised Ghanaian youth for persevering in the face of adversity.

This follows repeated complaints about how current events in the country are impacting the country’s development and progress, consequently influencing future leaders.

The youth have expressed dissatisfaction with the lack of work opportunities, particularly for graduates looking to make a livelihood after completing their schooling.

, who came from a humble family but has been able to make a difference by working hard to rise to the top despite the challenges he has faced, has praised the country’s young for their ongoing efforts.

Taking to the microblogging platform, Twitter, The youth for this country de try rough!