Black Sherif

Blogger Kwesilive has disproved a popular story claiming that after becoming famous, abandoned his previous management.

In a post shared by this online portal, DJ Slim shared facts and figures about how Sherif became pompous and left his manager after gaining widespread acclaim. The post was sampled from an editorial content uploaded on Facebook by DJ Slim, illustrating how ungrateful a lot of Ghanaian artistes are, which has ultimately become the bane of our retrogression in the music industry when juxtaposed to what goes on in neighboring Nigeria.

He also accused him of abandoning a seven-bedroom home that his management had given him, complete with an ultra-modern studio and a gym. He stated that his manager also purchased him over 100 pairs of sneakers, all of which he left behind in order to join Empire Entertainment.

Slim stated that Sherif’s manager found him out of nowhere and gave him the financial push he needed to succeed, and now that he’s famous, he’s repaying him with evil. To back up his outlandish claims, he submitted a screenshot, videos, and photos of what the manager had done for him.

However, a fact-finding rebuttal from Kwesilive published on his website reveals the following;

  1. The said ‘manager’ has not been the day-one manager of the ‘Second Sermon’ hitmaker. is still with and is managed by his team, Road Boys Association (RBA).
  2. The said ‘manager’ came into the scene somewhere after ‘Second Sermon’ had been released. Therefore, claims that he has been with since his early days and made him who he is now are false.
  3. decided to leave the house handed to him by the said ‘manager’ on his own accord after he did not agree to sack his team members with whom he shares a lot of memories and business ideas.
  4. was never officially given a car nor a house. His mobility and residency was handled by his team (RBA) and business manager, Skirth Madonna.
  5. According to our intel, Black Sherif, is calm and fully focused on his future projects with a new EP in sights.
  6. More updates to follow soon…