Shatta Wale

Ghanaian dancehall musician Charles Nii Armah Mensah Jnr., popularly known as , has described his recent earnings at the Ghana Music Rights Organization (GHAMRO) as an insult to his music career.

has referred to his recent profits from the Ghana Music Rights Organization (GHAMRO) as an affront to his musical career.

This comes after Rex Omar, the organization’s previous chairman, said that , who earns GH30,000 in royalties, is the highest paid musician with GHAMRO.

According to him, a distribution was made in December of last year, and because is the biggest earner on their books, they have gone out to his management to obtain his account information so that the money may be sent to him.

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Rex Omar told Kafui Dey that neither the performer nor his management had supplied him with the information he required to complete the transaction.

, who previously admitted to having no management team, has now gone off on the organization, calling the money gained an insult to his music career.

He hinted that none of his colleagues in the music business would come out and express their feelings, preferring instead to sit back and watch the same thing happen to another musician.

He also noted that Ghanaian artists do not make nearly as much money as other musicians in the country.

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He wrote; 30k is an insult to my entire music career !!!
But this one as usual Ghana artiste will sit down and won’t voice out !!

Ego reach your turn !!! I came out before most of your so called artiste so start crying for them cuz truth be told we all not making any money here🥂👑