As a reaction to the increase in fuel prices after learning that the E-levy has nothing to do with it, AMG Medikal has announced his plan to purchase a horse.

The shock of his life came when he went to the gas station to buy gas and found the prices were outrageous, and he was overheard inquiring if the increase in fuel costs was due to the E-levy, which the government is attempting to pass in any way possible.

When told that the price had nothing to do with the E-levy and that the introduction of the E-levy may have made things worse, Medikal exclaimed that he was going to get a horse and avoid using gasoline so that he wouldn’t have to complain whenever he went to buy something.

Medikal is not the only one who is upset about the increase in gasoline prices; it appears that it has touched practically everyone, both directly and indirectly, and some individuals who drive their own vehicles are considering switching to bicycles to get around.

Almost every Ghanaian is opposed to the E-levy, yet the government appears unconcerned about this, instead finding methods to impose it whether we like it or not.

See the video below.