Pete Davidson

Kim Kardashian’s boyfriend deletes his Instagram account just 7 days after rejoining the social media platform.

Pete Davidson has deleted his Instagram account again after he allegedly dissed The Kardashians star Kim Kardashians’ ex-husband . The ongoing feud between Pete and Kanye began late last year when Pete started dating Kim. The pair were first spotted together in late October 2021 at the Los Angeles amusement park Knott’s Berry Farm. While many thought Kim and Pete were just friends, the relationship became more serious when she visited him in New York City.

The new couple dined together in NYC multiple times, even heading to Pete’s hometown of Staten Island, where they hit up his favorite Italian restaurant. Since then, Kim and Pete have flown back and forth from L.A. to NYC to see each other, even vacationing together in The Bahamas after the holidays. As their relationship grew, Kanye started to become jealous of the couple and began calling Pete and Kim out on social media. It seems Pete has finally had enough.

After creating his Instagram account earlier this month, Pete has decided to delete it once again following fan speculation that Pete dissed Kanye on the app. According to Page Six, the comedian’s account was down as of Wednesday afternoon, shortly after he had shared a clip from Martin Scorsese’s 1982 film The King of Comedy.

In the clip, actor Robert De Niro, in character as comic Rupert Pupkin, claims it is “Better to be king for a night than schmuck for a lifetime.” No one knows whether or not the shared clip was meant to be aimed at Kanye, but fans certainly took it that way. Pete saw the backlash he was receiving from the clip he linked in his bio, and within hours he deleted the social media account.

Earlier in the day, Pete, who’s not affected by Kanye’s jealousy, also shared his first post to his grid on Wednesday, sharing a clip from his upcoming film The Home, according to a Twitter fan account who shared a screengrab of the video. By the afternoon, Pete’s entire account was missing from the social media app. In the past, Pete has spoken about his dislike for social media and how it has affected his mental health.

He deactivated his account twice in the past as he felt it was only adding unnecessary negativity to his life. It is unclear why Pete decided to reactivate his Instagram since he did it when Kanye was in the middle of his Instagram rant about Pete and his relationship with Kim. As soon as Pete reactivated the account, Kanye immediately followed him.

Pete has always struggled with keeping his social media afloat and believed this time he could keep it active. His Instagram became a source of contention between him, Kanye, and his The Kardashians star girlfriend. Maybe one day Pete will return when his feud with the rapper cools down. 


source: Dklassgh.Com