Black Sherif and Mr Logic

Mr. Logic, the Ghanaian entertainment commentator and artiste manager, has slammed Black Sherif for quitting his manager and signing a secret deal with Empire Entertainment.

He claims that Black Sherif should be barred from using the media and other rights since he broke his contract with his management after becoming famous.

This comes after reports surfaced that the “Second Sermon” singer had packed up a seven-bedroom condominium and returned the automobile he was given in exchange for signing a deal with Empire Entertainment.

According to other claims submitted by Radio One’s DJ Slim, the singer returned a total of 100 pairs of sneakers handed to him by his management when moving out of his residence.

In response, Mr. Logic has stated that it is past time for Ghanaian singers to be made to follow all of their managers’ rules. According to him, Black Sherif has shown ungratefulness toward his management, and as a result, he must face the repercussions.

Mr. Logic argued in an interview with Andy Dosty on Hitz FM’s Daybreak Hitz that Black Sherif should be barred from some rights, such as engaging the media, as a punishment for his ungratefulness.

He claims that Black Sherif’s falsehoods are the reason why most industry participants are hesitant to invest in new potential due to their ungratefulness.