Reno Omokri
Reno Omokri

thinks Nigerians’ fear of a third world war arising from the Russia-Ukraine war is ridiculous.

After receiving orders from President Vladimir Putin, the Russian military launched a large-scale military strike on Ukraine, its southern neighbor.

There have been reports of strikes on Ukrainian military facilities all around the nation, as well as of Russian convoys coming in from all sides. President Putin stated in a speech that Russia did not intend to invade Ukraine but would demilitarize the nation.

He also warned that any country interfering with the military action would be met with harsh retaliation. If any country interferes, he declared unequivocally that there would be serious consequences that have never been seen before.

While women and children flee for their lives, every Ukrainian male remains at home to protect his motherland, despite the fact that other countries have refused to intervene in the confrontation between the two countries.

The threat of World War 3 has been filling the air, and thinks it’s absurd. He thinks that if every Nigerian marriage’s firstborn kid is DNA checked, the current World War 3 will be enough.

According to him, the DNA test findings would lead to the genuine World War 3 that Nigerians have been talking about.