Ghanaian socialite, , boasted that he is the reason is unable to perform in Kumasi because he tried to act smart after questioning whether he was God.

In a vintage video, Delay asks whether he believes with that ’s death allowed Kwaw Kese and others the chance to become renowned, and in response, asks if he’s God.

In response, claimed to be a God and demanded that we worship him since everyone knows how he gets things done, which qualifies him as a God. He also requested that we treat his name with the utmost reverence.

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He proclaimed a no-fly zone for Kofi Kinaata in Kumasi seven years ago when he attempted to act tough on TV, and he hasn’t been able to perform there since, claiming that we should stop toying with him since he’s still relevant.

Some internet users lambasted him for claiming to be the reason why Kofi Kinaata couldn’t perform in Kumasi, questioning what sort of power he believes he has, given that Kofi Kinaata can perform flawlessly in Kumasi if he so desires.