Michael Blankson
Michael Blankson

Michael Blackson, the American-Ghanaian comedian, and actor, prefers Senegal’s jollof over Ghana’s and Nigeria’s.

Aside from competing in talent and development, jollof rice is one of the key points of contention between Ghana and Nigeria. Yes! I know that seems strange, but it’s one of the ways these countries demonstrate their superiority over one another.

Nigerians claim to have the finest jollof rice in the history of African rice dishes, while Ghanaians, who also claim to be the best, have debunked these claims.

After sampling Senegalese jollof, Michael Blackson determined that it is superior to Ghanaian and Nigerian jollof.

Taking to his Twitter, he wrote; Had Senegal’s jollof for the first time tonight and I’m ashamed to say this but it was better than Ghana and Naija jollof

Source: Dklassgh.com