Captain Planet

, the Ghanaian rapper, has voiced his disgust with how some young artists choose to ignore their friends after achieving popularity in the nation.

According to him, when everyone was an underground artist, they used to get along well with their peers and other people, and they also appreciated their social media postings.

He bemoaned the fact that whenever these underground singers achieve popularity and success, they purposefully ignore their pals, unfollowing them on social media, failing to share their postings, and even refusing to pick up their phone calls when they reach out to them.

So now in Ghana the moment people go get 1 or 2 hit songs their humbleness changes completely. They dont like their friends post again, they dnt support their friends again, they start to unfollow their friends, they dnt post contents from friends again, they don’t answer calls, he wrote on Twitter.

He is of the view that fame sometimes corrupts people’s hood behavior, making them forget that they used to mingle and even gained support from the same people they are snubbing.

He, therefore, advised young ad upcoming musicians to stay humble even after gaining fame because humility is everything.

He added; Levels dont change but when they were underground artiste they were commenting on every post with fire emoji’s addressing people BOSSU , KING ,LEGEND,TOP SHATTA ,GODFATHER etc .Cool Down My Guys Na Too Known Too Known Dey Make Monkey Dey Fall .Be Humble Humility Is Everything