Following the current news that a premium hotel in Accra has prohibited her presence, has reacted in a very amused and entertaining manner.

Korkor has supposedly been barred from the premises of this yet-to-be-identified hotel for generating too many disruptions!

The news first surfaced on social media on Thursday, with a photo of a hotel leaflet proclaiming the prohibition.

The hotel’s management put up a leaflet alerting workers not to let her in.

“Abena Korkor must not be allowed in the hotel till further notice,” says the placard.

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It comes with two separate images of her so that employees can see her face clearly.

Only Abena Korkor, the legend, is capable of achieving such a feat!

She’s finally reacted to the news, and she’s tickled beyond belief.

Hotels, according to Abena, are for married men to take their girlfriends to, so they have something to do there.

Korkor claims that she is bored at home and finds the news quite amusing.

Watch Korkor’s reaction to her newest accomplishment in the video below.

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