Shatta Wale and his fiancée Elfreda cutting love on their DTB tour in the United States has gone viral, and virtually everyone is commenting on how lovely he makes love appear.

This isn’t the first time Shatta Wale has fallen in love, but this one appears to be more serious since he doesn’t fool around with his new lover, Elfreda, and he always kisses her to remind her of his love.

Shatta Wale embarked on this tour with his girlfriend, and it’s been a kissing spree for them. As we all know, he loves kissing, and this video shows how much Shatta Wale loves this girl since it wasn’t like this with his prior relationship, despite the fact that they did some crazy things together.

Looking at Shatta Wale and his new girlfriend, Elfreda, cutting love and kissing each other puts pressure on singles to find someone to share this type of love with.