Black Sherif

According to , the reported contract negotiated by the trap artist with Empire Entertainment is the worst agreement ever.

The late DJ Rab, who died just a few days ago, informed the Hiplife Grandpapa that ’s arrangement with Empire Entertainment is the worst deal ever and incredibly nasty, according to the Hiplife Grandpapa.

said in an interview with Hitz FM that the late DJ Rab wanted to talk to about his supposed arrangement with Empire Entertainment before his tragic death.

According to my most recent talk with DJ Rab, ’s current agreement is the worst deal ever. It’s so heinous that would never commit such a thing to himself. He intended to discuss it with Blacko. Reggie stated, “Now he is no more.”

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After firing his prior management, Black Sherif was said to have inked a deal with Empire Entertainment. He was said to have given up a residence and an automobile that had been provided to him by his manager.

After it was revealed that the payment and other money involved in the contract would go against Black Sherif in the court case, it was suspected that the “Second Sermon” singer had signed his life away to the distribution firm.

Olele Salvador, actual name Emmanuel Sarpong, an entertainment journalist, responded by denying these charges, claiming that the musician had just signed a deal with Empire Entertainment’s distribution division in order for his songs to be marketed globally.

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“What Black Sherif is claimed to have inked with Empire’s distribution wing is just the licensing and distribution of his tracks to various markets across the world.” So, no, he hasn’t “sold his life” to the highest bidder. On Twitter, Olele commented, “LOL.”

“In the ‘contract’ doing the rounds on the inter-webs, EMPIRE is responsible for the distribution of the Second Sermon RMX, 2 other songs & a 7-track EP that’s yet to be released. This means Blacko & EMPIRE will share the revenue splits from these projects. In his case 60-40.., he added.

“A clause in the contract also states that both parties (Blacko & EMPIRE) can opt out of the contract at any time but must be within a 30-day notice. So once again Blacko hasn’t signed his life away. He can always do other songs other than what was captured in the contract,” he further explained.

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Meanwhile, Black Sherif has issued an official statement on the ongoing squabble, claiming that all issues have been resolved between the two groups.