Salma Mumin

, a Ghanaian actress and entrepreneur, used her Instagram stories to convey the terrifying warning that has gone viral.

It appears that the actress is suffering from depression, as her remarks on her social media profile have sparked a lot of discussion.

has requested assistance, claiming that she is now not psychologically fit. According to the actress, she has been suffering from anxiety attacks for the past several weeks, which is harming her personal life as well as her professional life.

An anxiety attack is a quick onset of severe dread or anxiety, as well as physical symptoms, that is triggered by a perceived threat rather than a real one. Salma has expressed her distress and fears that something horrible may happen to her because her episodes have grown uncontrollable.

On her profile, said, “I’ve been having anxiety attacks for the past few weeks.”

It’s out of control now, and I need help before something bad happens to me. “