According to , they should stop criticizing people who haven’t yet gotten their blessing. He describes how children are driven to bring money home, and when they do, they are chastised and shunned for their achievements.

In Ghana, we have the impression that if a young guy or young lady is able to acquire property for herself, purchase a home, automobile, or start a company, people will assume she did it by unlawful or immoral means.

However, people should be aware that God does not have a set season of blessing in the Bible. So, once we’ve graduated from high school, there’s this push to go out and get a job or anything. They should understand that when we go out to look for work and are successful, it is a gift from God. There is no such thing as bad money since the money we win from the lottery may be used to pay our tithes and offerings.

Sika Kankan, which incorporates the Asakaa beat, is one of the most popular local-drill music styles that swept the country a few months ago. Speaking on the poor patronage of the music genre, stressed the need to understand music evolution.

“The last time I came here, I said something.” Drill music, also known as Asakaa music, was a trend that catapulted many of us into the spotlight. It is now up to us to do something different in order to remain relevant. Because I recall a time when this wave was in Tema and then moved on to Takoradi. It traveled to a lot of different locations. ” came to a conclusion.