Shatta Wale
Shatta Wale

Charles Nii Armah Mensah has slammed individuals who have been shaming him on social media following his mother’s recent outburst.

’s mother has gone on a rampage, accusing him of neglecting her, claiming in a series of interviews that has neglected to take care of her and that she is presently homeless after her landlord evicted her.

claimed on social media from the United States, where he is on tour with colleague Medikal, that he can live his life however he wants and that he does not want people talking about him.

The “Melissa” singer admits to having issues with his mother, but he hurled obscenities and shouted unprintable language at people who tried to draw him into it.

Some of you are advising me that I should go rent for my mother and take care of your own family issues before I talk about mine.

“Thank you to everyone who is supporting my hustle, and to those who aren’t, thank you to your mothers!” Before you say anything about my mum, think again. Just do it if you love your mum. “Don’t try to teach me how to love my mother,” Wale grumbled.