After being spotted in an exotic club, washing his hands with what looked to be a bottle of extremely costly wine, has succeeded in dividing opinions on the internet.

For a minute, you may believe he’s recreating some of the ceremonial sequences he so expertly portrays in films.

The seasoned actor reportedly stormed the club to have a good time and “hang with the big boys,” but what he got himself into has made him the center of attention on social media.

A viral video clip to this effect shows him smiling as the bottle is dumped over his palm, and the hype guy does a good job of spicing things up.

See reactions followed by the video;

ifeomaonye; I will never understand the concept behind this. I’d rather buy the drink for people on another table as show off than wash my hands with it as show off but you do with your money as you please. So ignore me

labod_o3; At this age ?

officialrockypain; I’m disappointed!

bernard_.01; person dey grow finish nor come get sence again

_hannys_hair; Since you guys have tagged him ritualist with his movies, he’s giving you ritualist content in real life….. life nah cruise