Spicer Dabz - One Mile

Ghanaian Afrobeats singer, Spicer Dabz has released his highly awaited tune “One Mile.” This is his first significant musical appearance of the year, and the song is well worth the wait.

Spicer has honed his skills through years of singing to tunes by great creatives before his moment in the spotlight. He has a huge audience to satisfy as someone who has lived in Ghana, Nigeria, and Togo for extended periods of time. His trade is however, not restricted to these three countries, especially given Afrobeats’ recent global dominance.

Even before its official release, the throbbing and evocative track captured the attention of listeners in the social media space. On “One Mile,” the West African native’s storytelling skill is heightened. He paints an image of a young man desperate to keep trying till he strikes gold.

The song has started a TikTok trend among video creators on the revolutionary app, which Spicer Dabz hopes to continue. Beat Monsta, a well-known music beat mixer and producer, produced the tune.

Stream and download the song below.