According to Kologo Musician , filling stadiums in Ghana, particularly as a musician, does not automatically make an artiste a champion.

According to him, what makes artists is their capacity to be acknowledged internationally and perform in front of non-Ghanaian music fans.

Young artists, he believes, should counsel themselves to become worldwide icons rather than limit themselves to their hometowns.

“Gadam needs to study. He’s still figuring things out. I don’t mimic and perform live. These youthful musicians require guidance from the elderly on how to communicate and the type of music they create. There are shows in other countries that will flatly refuse Fancy Gadam.

You don’t become a champion by filling a stadium. A champion is someone who sells out events all over the world. In Ghana, I was named artiste of the year, and my music has taken me all around the world. So, if you want to be a champion, you should follow in my footsteps. tour and perform live instrumentals. It’s not about the number of people in the stadium. I don’t try to make an impression on people in one spot with my music. I want to be like Bob Marley so that my name will be remembered long after I’m gone.

It will make Fancy Gadam sick to imply that he has done what the Northern forefathers of music did not. I’ve been named artist of the year and have accomplished a lot of goals. What is it about Tamale that I can’t fill a stadium? I’ve filled stadiums in Canada, China, and Denmark, so what is it about Tamale that I can’t fill a stadium? Tamale is home, and working for the people you live with is no accomplishment. “It doesn’t make me a champion if I fill the Bolga stadium,” he told Sammy Flex.

Over the years, Fancy Gadam, Macassio, and other Northern Region artists have boasted about their ability to perform in front of a large crowd.