According to singer , the most dangerous thing about Nigeria, according to , is that it has destroyed too many ambitions since you can no longer urge someone to pursue their goals in Nigeria.

There is a lot happening in Nigeria right now, and has taken the time to address how it is hurting practically every individual and how it is suffocating the ambitions of the kids, especially since they wind up spending 8 years studying for a degree that could be completed in 4 years due to the strike.

believes that too many aspirations are being murdered, and that they will not be able to realize all of their goals since the country is not hospitable enough for the normal person to dream and develop, and that people are now attempting to attain the bare minimum.

recently added that in Nigeria, you can’t just tell someone that if they can dream it, they can do it since the capital that was intended to be used to buy items has turned into gasoline money, and you spend half your life stuck in irrational traffic on poor roads.

And you can’t tell someone to take a risk because people are just trying to avoid being kidnapped and killed in broad daylight, hoping that it won’t be too late for Nigeria by the time the leaders sit down to consider how their decisions affect them or when their tenure is ripped off for a new generation of leaders.