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“Camidoh And AK Songstress Are Great Asserts We Need To Protect” – Xandy Kamel (Video)



AK Songstress and are excellent assets to the Ghanaian music and entertainment business, according to actress Xandy Kamel, so we should encourage them and not allow Nigerians to take them.

Even though they're very popular here, AK Songstress and are putting Ghana on the map, and Xandy Kamel has asked that we hug them close and urge them to continue forward and do better than they're doing.

According to her, Nigerians are attempting to claim them as their own because we are not appreciating them. They are a fantastic asset for Ghana, so Ghanaians should appreciate them and promote them in every way possible.

Xandy Kamel is correct in that AK Songstress and Camidoh's songs are creating waves outside of Ghana, but they appear to be lost in the Ghanaian music business, which is why we feel she is asking for our help and support.

We agree with Xandy Kamel that we should support and push AK Songstress and Camidoh forward because one thing we lack as a country is supporting people who are striving to reach the top but turning to align with them if they get there on their own, which is not supposed to be the case. Therefore, we agree with Xandy Kamel that we should support and push AK Songstress and Camidoh forward.

Watch the vu=ideo below;



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