, the Ghanaian singer, has spoken up about her hardships as a major musician and the things she did to get to where she is now.

According to her, in order to obtain traction and followers in the Nigerian music industry, she played more than 15 gigs for free in order to gain traction and fans.

The multi-award-winning entertainer claimed that she utilized the time she had off from university to jet herself to Lagos to play for free while counseling young and up-and-coming musicians on Twitter.

When I was in university and had some free time, I used to fly to Lagos by myself. After I had established myself in Ghana, I traveled to Lagos and did at least 15 free gigs after receiving my third or fourth prize. You have to put in the effort every now and then. “It isn’t easy,” she said.

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When asked how an up-and-coming performer might break into the country’s music industry, stated the individual must boldly attend events and demonstrate their talent.

“How do you break into the system?” You must position yourself in such a way that you may be noticed. In , there was an event called Industry Night that I used to attend on occasion. When I arrived, people were singing; it was an open mic, so I went up to them and told them I could sing. I was maybe 19 or 20 years old at the time. I’m going to spoil it there. People took me on a tour of , and I visited at least five states. said.

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And that’s how I began to build up my Nigerian fan base.So don’t hold your breath. When you first arrive in a new location, you may find that others are unwilling to assist you. So, get your microphone; I’m not suggesting you go stand by the wayside. “You can do your open mic thing in a number of different venues here,” she remarked.

According to the vocal powerhouse, new artists should not rest just because they have one or two hit songs.

Source: Dklassgh.com