Afia Schwarzenegger

After a heated argument, Mr Beautiful accused and her associates of false misrepresentation on social media. As a result, the kids eventually pick up these poor practices to their harm.

Despite the fact that was the temporary host of United Showbiz, she came under fire when Mr. Beautiful said that her social media behavior was poisonous. Mr. Beautiful pointed out that lying about getting large sums as contributions cultivates a culture where young girls believe that behaving badly will help them acquire more money, citing her father’s funeral donation controversy as an example.

“Afia, you are part of the issue,” Mr. Beautiful added. You have worshipped social media and elevated it to the status of a god. You cause issues in people’s relationships by doing specific things. You are one of the perpetrators. Because of the way you use social media, you are part of the reason why females have picked up such minor vices.

“Check out this video you made claiming the woman (head of staff) gave you money. Is it true that she gave you money? You didn’t get any money from her. However, when the woman’s brother died, you, Afia, attended the funeral and made a donation. When your father died, did she give you condolences? “

Mr. Beautiful proceeded to warn about telling lies she didn’t need to hear, but she didn’t appear pleased with his concession.

“So, why do you develop something using social media?” Were you attempting to lure the woman into parting with her money? Take a look at how others are slamming you. Because of the way you people use social media, some young ladies believe it may help them become famous in unethical ways, “Mr. Beautiful said.