has revealed that his management provided him with the necessary information on how to achieve this level before he eventually had his breakthrough with his new song.

Raphael Kofi Attachie, the Afrobeat and R&B artist whose real name is Raphael Kofi Attachie, said his perseverance and hard work got him this far, adding that his management advised him not to write songs with the goal of becoming a success since a good song would “blow” on its own.

My management often tells me that a hit song isn’t everything. In a recent interview with Connect FM, he remarked, “If you’re always aiming for a big song as an artiste, it may screw you up.”

“In your job, you must be patient and take things one step at a time.” If you think a song you’ve produced is decent, release it and market it, then release the next one, then the next… one of them will undoubtedly give you the hit you’ve been hoping for, “he said to aspiring musicians.”

In a recent interview with Graphic Showbiz, the singer stated that there are many brilliant emerging artistes like himself, but that their potential has gone to waste due to a lack of investors.