Samuel Adu Frimpong, better known by his stage name , the Ghanaian rapper, has asserted that the country’s politicians are never to blame for the country’s present troubles.

According to , presidents who have succeeded in the seat of leadership in the past and present should not be linked to the country’s economic difficulties.

This came after a social media user chastised the NPP government for failing to keep commitments and residents for electing inept politicians.

The rapper claimed in a tweet that individuals voted for presidents because they wanted them to make them the promises they wanted to hear and that they should not be held accountable if they do not keep their pledges.

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This comes after the majority of Ghanaians expressed their dissatisfaction with the country’s deteriorating economic situation. Many people feel that the Akufo Addo-led government’s bad governance is to blame for Ghanaians’ problems.

, on the other hand, is the only Ghanaian celebrity who has come to the government’s defense, most likely after thoroughly assessing the problems and concluding that they are not to blame.

He wrote; The presidents Never bi the problem. The citizens vote for the presidents because the presidents tell them what they want to hear, so na who cause am?