Stephanie Benson

Strongstress has requested that artist managers refrain from sleeping with women who are thirsty for a taste of celebrity.

Managers should rethink their fundamental duty, which is to develop people and prepare them for the creative arena, according to the lovely Ghanaian jazz vocalist.

On TV3’s Ladies’ Circle, she remarked that most aspiring female artists are forced to have s3x with their managers due to circumstances beyond their control in order to get the competitive advantage they believe they would gain in the industry.

“If the males (artiste managers) truly care about Ghana and Ghanaian music, as well as our female artists, they should quit blackmailing those girls into spreading their legs for them,” she stated.

Most female artists who get into the act, according to Mrs. Benson, are desperate.

“See, desperation may drive individuals to do things they don’t want to do.” I see that aspect of it now and then. That is why I do not pass judgment on others. It’s all very well to sit here and tell them not to do this or that. Don’t be like that. I am, however, mostly a mother.

However, if you are battling the most and love music or want to be renowned, “Desperation makes you do things,” she explained.