The official Dj of one of Ghana’s most watched TV programs in recent times was adjourned as the best disc jockey in Ghana at the just ended 3 music awards.

He was nominated alongside DJ Aroma, DJ Bridash, , DJ JayJay, DJ Mingle, DJ Vyrusky, DJ Xpliph, Mr Shark.

, the Showbiz 360 and Date Rush DJ, has all of the required tunes, jingles, and music for the drama. When someone makes a mistake, he will unleash a certain song into the environment to heighten your feelings about the entire event.

During the lockdown, the six Ghanaian pallbearers gained an enormous reputation for their unique dances and coffin-carrying manner. They also utilized a specific song to transport the coffin on their shoulders from one area to the next.

When someone on the program gets into trouble, the will immediately play that song to signal difficulty or a bad scenario.