Aunty B and Rev Obofour

, former ’s “personal person,” is reported to have split up with the pastor after years of working together.

This most recent development is supposed to have occurred some months ago.

According to Mannasah, Auntie B became ill and nearly died, , but the Rev. Obofour was unable to help.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, Mannsah went on to say that Rev. Obofour used to fire Auntie B from his church’s financial administration, despite the fact that she was in charge of the miracle things.

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Aunty B advised herself and broke ways with Obofour once she recovered from her illness, according to Manasseh.

Aunty B is now working with a female prophet.

In other news, Abena Moet, a Ghanaian radio broadcaster and entertainment critic, is seeking a divorce from her spouse after only a year of marriage.

Abena Moet claims in a self-made video that has gone viral that her spouse doesn’t respect her and refuses to change, despite her repeated requests.

Abena Moet laments in the video that she was relaxing at home when her husband called to tell her that they were going to have an intense bedroom session that night.

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She explained that instead of asking the hot knacking in a romantic manner, her hubby gave her orders and she considers it to be a serious insult to her personality. Continue reading……