Lady and Dog

A Nigerian lady involved in the DOG ‘D0ggy’ viral video has come out to tackle critics, saying that she was merely “catching cruise.”

According to her, she did not kill anyone to warrant such criticisms, therefore people should mind their own businesses so she can enjoy what she earned from her bizarre adventure.

She explains that she did it for the money and will do more if only the pay is right.

In a video going viral on social media, she is heard indicating that she had no infection from slêëpìng with a dog.

Meanwhile, she says she is enjoying the 1.4 million naira made out of the intercourse with a dog and so people criticizing her should look for money and stop being judgemental about how people like her want to live their lives.

“What Is the big deal there. I only slept with a dog, I did not kill anybody. You in your life you’ve done worse. Besides in your life have you seen 1.4 million naira before? As if it’s a big deal, I only slept with a dog I did not kill anybody and mind you I’m not infected or anything so stop dying on the matter, I’m enjoying the money,” she said.

Video below;