Feli Nuna

Feli Nuna, who has been wrapped in a giant towel to promote his newest track, ‘Towel,’ has stated she could pull off a similar feat if she sings about panties.

In a new interview, the former Lynx Entertainment signee, who is currently working with the Off Da Ground record label, stated that this is an art that only discriminating people should understand.

Nothing else counts, she says, provided it helps promote a song and fills her bank account.

She revealed this in a recent interview with Sam Kay, a prominent Ghanaian blogger. Furthermore, Feli Nuna, who was dressed merely in a towel on one of her media tours, urged President Akufo-Addo to find a solution to rising gasoline prices.

She said;

“Even two years ago when the year of return sparked up and we had foreigners coming, I was like these people are coming to use their time 10 times 7 money to come and distort things, and truly when they come prices rise and after they leave the prices remain the same or go higher.”

Source: Dklassgh.com