, a Ghanaian influencer who shocked the country with her music prowess some two years ago has revealed that her father is the reason why she took her music talent seriously.

The artiste, formerly known as , said “my father kept telling me that I should start this music thing but I was not ready for it, I was waiting for the right time and he kept saying time waits for no man so I should start.

“So it was during this COVID time when everything has come to a standstill that I decided to take it seriously and release some songs,” Mona4Real added.

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“Music has always been my thing. I didn't know how to start and my biggest fear was performing on stage. I didn't know how it will go when you're performing and everyone is looking at you but I told myself, Mona, go and do your thing and that always worked for me.”

Touching on some of the industry players she spoke to before venturing into music, she mentioned Shatta Wale and Richie Mensah.

“I currently have 11 songs to my credit” Mona4Real mentioned in an interview on TV3 New Day which was monitored by The Chronicle.

According to Mona4Real, who is currently promoting her latest single ‘Blow,' the female musicians in Ghana are doing their best even though there is more room for improvement and “the sky can only be the limit.”