Patapaa and Queen Peezy

Queen Peezy, Patapaa’s ex-girlfriend, has reacted to the singer’s rumoured divorce from her German wife, which has been making the rounds on social media.

The divorce news came as a surprise to some social media users who speculated that the “One Corner” hitmaker is still married to his wife and hasn’t filed for divorce yet, but wants to promote his new song “Glass Nkoaa.”

In an interview with Adom FM, Patapaa’s father, Opnanin Kwesi Amoah, refuted the divorce rumours.

Opanin Kwesi Amoah claims that his son is still legally married to Liha and that they are happy, thus he finds it amusing that others have exploited their social media sites to propagate false information about them.

Well, in an exclusive phone interview, Queen Peezy revealed that she is overjoyed by the sad turn of events since she will once again have Patapaa to herself.

Patapaa’s marriage to Queen Miller, according to Queen Peezy, was bound to fail since they rushed to marry.

Queen Peezy claim Patapaa’s fame and wealth dropped after he left her for Liha Miller, and he has never been able to launch a hit song since.

During an interview with Ghpage Tv, Queen Peezy expressed her undying love for Patapaa and vowed to do whatever it takes to reclaim the “One Corner” hitmaker.

Queen Peezy stated that she will keep herself for Patapaa because she believes the singer will return for her when he ends it with Liha Miller.


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