Barima Sidney

, the songwriter behind the hit song “Our Money,” has announced that he is about to release another political song in Ghana.

Barima Sidney said in an interview on Connect FM’s Edwumapa Mmre drive that Ghana isn’t the only country affected by the Russia-Ukraine war, but politicians aren’t thinking creatively enough.

“Ghana’s economic woes aren’t unique. Everybody suffers globally. If your fundamentals are weak, the exchange rate will expose you, and that’s what’s happening in Ghana.

“Our leaders have no backup plan to save the country, based on current events. We’re not ready and have been exposed. “ He said the administration should think beyond the box.

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According to the singer, no party can promise victory in 2024, and Ghanaians should assess their living situations before casting their votes.

“I can’t recommend NPP or NDC to Ghanaians in 2024.” Vote based on how you live. I’m not static, I don’t belong to any political party, and I can speak up if things are wrong,” he said.

During the interview, the singer noted that he is about to release another political song titled ‘POWER’.

The new song’s message would stun Ghanaians and leaders, he says.

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“I’ll shortly release a current-events tune. Controversial. “Power” comes out in August. He continued, “That music will shake everywhere.”


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