, a sensational and entertaining young Ghanaian TikToker, has said that she has made over 2 billion from the Tiktok.

This was disclosed by Tiktok star during an interview with Delay on her Delay Show, where she described her road to being Ghana’s most-followed TikToker and the perks that have come with it.

According to the 22-year-old University of Ghana Political Science student, the money she has made through Tiktok is astounding because of the chances the site presents.

Janet Offei also disclosed during the interview that the greatest money she had made from a brand agreement was GH?30k.

She claims to have saved enough money to rent a one-bedroom self-contained apartment in the Greater Accra Region.

Janet Offei began making TikTok videos around a year ago when she had to remain home for a bit owing to new government protocols requiring pupils to stay home for a period of time.

With over 2.3 million followers, she is the most followed Ghanaian TikToker, which she attributes to her particular style.


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