man snubs lady on a date

After arriving at the restaurant with another lady uninvited, a man outwitted a lady he had taken out on a date.

On this note, a video that went viral on social media showed the two ladies watching the man eat while they were away. According to reports, the scene was shot in Durban, South Africa.

The guy, who had presumably seen incidents of girls turning up with their pals to milk his benefactors dry on the internet, wasn’t willing to fall prey to these types of tricks modern women play on men and immediately took preventative precautions.

He ordered dinner for himself and relaxed while watching the event’s artists perform. As the dude munched on his food, one of the ladies continued looking at him and salivating.

We guess men on social media would hail this guy for making the ‘brotherhood’ proud with his action. 

Watch the video below;