Joe Mettle – Lockdown Worship Series 1

Several gospel artists and instrumentalists have expressed their views concerning remuneration by their local churches.

Many believe instrumentalists in the church play a vital role in making a service complete so they must be taken care of and paid what is due them.

However, renowned Ghanaian gospel musician, Joe Mettle, has spoken on the issue of whether church instrumentalists and singers are supposed to be paid for their work.

He claims that certain instrumentalists serve the church on a regular basis and others on a part-time basis. The church’s demands of them need a great deal of sacrifice, which might be tough for them at times.

He made this claim during a social media argument about whether or not church instrumentalists and musicians should be paid.

President of the Eastwood Anaba Ministries (EAM) said in a viral video weeks ago that Instrumentalists should be well paid because “they carry the fuel for signs and wonders”.

Joe Mettle speaking on GTV Breakfast Show, he said;

“I don’t think there is anything wrong with it. There is full-time, part-time, and there is a service. It depends on how the church systems are. Some churches prefer or want a lot of time from their musicians. They want you to be at every major service early before everyone else. And for you to be doing other things that are also major will make that difficult for you. Most churches actually want their musicians to be at every church function.”

“There are quite a number of churches that have full-time Musicians who are on payroll. They don’t do any other thing. They come to the church during weekdays just to rehearse and be ready for the service. Most of the time when you go you see the difference in the delivery compared to when the guys will be so busy,” he said on Tuesday, May 31.

He added: “It can also help some of the musicians who do too many other things to share off some of those things they are engaged in to spend more time prepping for services, ministrations, and events.”


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