Kweku DMC

Derrick Okyere Brobbey, also known as Kwaku DMC, has made a shocking disclosure regarding his current life while promoting his latest album, “Road to the Jungle.”

Speaking in an interview with Sammy Flex in his latest interview, the Kumerican singer revealed that he has been good all this while, so he is not trying to do some bad things for the time being.

When asked about the bad things he is doing, Kwaku DMC stated that he has now started doing bad things and that he just started watching p*rn every day.

When asked the duration and the source, Kwaku DmC revealed he watches it for at least seven minutes from his pen drive.

Watch the video below:

is member of the sensational drill sub-genre ‘Asakaa’.

Kweku DMC is out with his latest album “Road to the Jungle”, which features O Kenneth, Regggie, and OTB, among others.


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