Counsellor Lutterodt

The registrar Ghana Psychology Council, Lady Rev. Dinah Baah – Odoom has said that Counselor Lutterod is not a registered counselor.

Speaking in an interview with Daakyehene Ofosu Agyemang on the ‘My Lawyer My Counselor’ show, Madam Dinah warned and advised the general public to be careful of these so-called counselors.

According to her, anyone who claims to be a counselor and does not have his or her name with the Ghana Psychology Council is fake and be prosecuted.

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When asked if had finally registered as a professional counselor after being barred from performing his duties as a counselor.

She answered saying; “George Lutterodt has no single document that shows he is a certified counselor.”

Watch the video below:

Recall that the International Human Rights Observer, together with the Gender Ministry, joined forces to ban Counselor Lutterodt from speaking at any local or international media house.

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This followed after the counselor made this absurd statement while making his submission on Adom TV.

Discussing the issue of rape, he suggested that, while rape victims are forced into the act, they tend to enjoy it midway through.