Delay and Amerado

Delay and Amerado continue to flaunt their alleged love affair in the faces of Ghanaians, as the two were spotted in a video having a good time.

The rapper and TV host who stress that their relationship is solely business and nothing else frequently leave Ghanaians wondering whether what they say is true.

In the past years, the two ignited dating rumours with their coded love signals and public displays of devotion for one other.

In a recent social media video, the two are seen in the kitchen, with Amerado making food for Delay

Watch the video below:

Meanwhile, Criss Waddle has finally revealed how he met Medikal and invited him to join his record label, AMG Business.

Criss Waddle claimed in an interview with Fiifi Pratt on Kingdom FM that he travelled to the United States of America in 2010 and met a producer named Deep Beatz, who approached him and requested him to record some beats he provided him so they could put out songs since he was in love with his skill.

He added that the producer had his own studio, so recording was simple for him, and they were able to release a few tracks. However, over the course of their business, the producer introduced him to Medikal, and they connected via digital means.

Criss Waddle disclosed that Medikal asked for his assistance in promoting his music, but because he was a member of Omar Sterling’s record label, R2Bees, at the time, he thought it would be prudent to establish his own record label in order to sign Medikal and provide him with the necessary support, which is what inspired the formation of AMG Business.


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