Kelvin Taylor and Agradaa

Kevin Taylor, a Ghanaian-American media personality, has made a shocking accusation against in a new video.

Following their lengthy feud, the two influential people have been taking shots at one other on the internet, revealing information about their separate private lives in the process.

In a recent development, Kevin Taylor, who appears to be the other version of , revealed that during Nana Agraada’s sika era, he was sacrificing two people for rituals to the gods she was worshipping.

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According to him, Nana Agraada used to sacrifice a pregnant woman and a baby to the gods every year.

He claimed that the clever lady grew tired of it all and wished to put an end to it, but she was punished for her desire, which resulted in the abrupt start of insanity in one of her children.

Kevin Taylor has vowed to publish images of the man whose sanity has deteriorated as a direct result of his mother’s disobedience.

At the back of this, Kevin Taylor advised all the members of Nana Agraada to stop following her because she will eventually use them all for her sacrifices.

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Watch him speak below;