Patapaa and Zionfelix

Swedru base musician, Patapaa Amisty has again rained insult on Ghanaian blogger Zioknfelix following their brouhaha concerning Liha Miller, Patapaa’s wife.

The whole brouhaha which started as a joke after Patapaa reacted to a video of Zionfelix hanging out with his wife Liha Miller in Köln, Germany is gradually turning ugly.

The One Corner singer went on to curse the mainstream celebrity and lifestyle writer, claiming that he would fail in life.

Because of this guy I don’t want to see my wife again, he is the problem between I and my wife, your mother, John brogg, you will not make it in this life. You have a wife but still you love my wife.

Patapaa lashes out at Zionfelix in a new video, calling him “baseless and useless” for reacting to his wife-snatching allegations.

“You’re a foolish boy. Are you expecting me to sing praises for you after the stupid thing you did without my consent,” Patapaa said in a self-recorded video to Zionfelix who had earlier called him on the phone over the allegations.

Meanwhile, Zionfelix has denied allegations made by the Swedru artist Patapaa that he is the source of all the problems in his marriage.

Zionfelix stated in a video released on his YouTube channel that he just met Liha to do an interview with her and has no contact with the musician’s wife.

According to him, he visited Germany as part of his European tour, and as a blogger who searches for news and material, he decided to contact Liha for an interview.

He went on to say that he was surprised to see Patapaa’s posts accusing him of being the source of his marital issues. Zionfelix also stated that he spoke with Patapaa, and told him that he was going to interview his wife.


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