Afia Schwar replies lawyer-Maurice and chairman wontumi

Afia Schwarzenegger, a self-described Ghanaian comedienne, has demonstrated that she has no shame or fear of anyone, including the court.

Afia Schwar in a new video has brazenly snubbed Chairman Wontumi and Lawyer Maurice Ampaw when news of her defamation suit surfaced on the internet.

Maurice Ampaw, a controversial lawyer, revealed Afia Schwar’s court case, claiming that Afia Schwar had disgraced Chairman Wontumi with all of her bogus charges.

He stated that they will sue her for defamation and report her to the police for violating the Cyber Security Act, which criminalizes the spreading of fake news.

The lawyer also cautioned her that any effort to aggravate the situation through her regular social media Live media would result in contempt of court.

After only 24 hours, Afia Schwarzenegger retaliated against Lawyer Maurice Ampaw over the alleged lawsuit.

According to the nonchalant socialite, “Any idiot can go to court”. She made these remarks while braiding her hair moments after she got notified that she has been sued for defamation by publicly lying over having an affair with Chairman Wontumi.

Watch the video below:


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