Popular Nigerian actor, Charles Okocha, better known as Igwe 2Pac, has said that his mother wants him to stop fo0ling and start acting as a pastor in movies.

Okocha, as we all know has been acting as a notorious guy in movies who sometimes plays the role of an armed robber.

According to him, his mother always complains about such roles and wants him to act like a Christian or a pastor since he was raised in a Christian family.

“I was raised in a Christian family. My mother watches my movies, and she sees the kind of things I do in them. She wants me to play the role of a Christian or pastor. She usually complains that I only play bad boy roles. I tell her those are the types of roles I get. So, I look forward to playing the role of a pastor”, Okocha to Nigerian’s Sunday Scoop.

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Hahaha… Can Okocha play a role of a Christian or a pastor?

Charles Okocha is a famous and eminent Nollywood actor, rapper, singer, and comedian from Nigeria. West Africa. He has a huge fan following over across the globe.

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