Erkuah Official reveals the nature of her tooth problem and the steps she intends to take.

Janet Awuku Offei, also known as Erkuah Official, Ghana’s most popular TikTok celebrity, has asserted that her teeth are not damaged, though she hopes to repair them.

The skirt maker, who is known for her regular uploading of mind-blowing content and the humorous looks on her face in which her teeth play a prominent role, has gotten numerous negative remarks about her teeth, but she has always ignored them and instead repressed everything.

Zion Felix, a multiple award-winning lifestyle blogger and YouTuber, has previously stated in an interview that he is suffering from tooth malformation.

It didn’t make me feel anything in any way because I don’t know his definition of deformity and I don’t know where he got his source from. My teeth are not deformed. If you understand the word ‘deformity’, you wouldn’t even use it.”

She revealed that she had planned to wear braces to keep her teeth in form but she didn’t take action because she wanted to settle down first.

“I should have done it long ago. Even my brother wanted to get it done but I told him I didn’t want it. I wanted to settle down and get it done… I could have done it but I decided not to,” she said.

Everything needs correction. They are things you have to correct so they don’t get out of hand. It’s not as though my teeth are not nice. They are nice.”


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