Rev Obofour
Rev Obofour

Rev. Obofour has finally responded to outlandish accusations made by Ghanaian bloggers that he has been cheating on his wife and that there is currently pandemonium in his house.

According to the word on the street, Obofour cheated on his beautiful wife Ciara and had children with another lady whom he supposedly brought to his house.

His wife, heartbroken and ashamed, packed everything and fled to who knows where. In order to calm down, the charismatic man of God went into hiding someplace in America.

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However, in a new video uploaded by UK-based Ghanaian blogger Tutugyagu, the renowned man of God claims all of the charges are baseless and wonders what the minds of bloggers who frequently go to that extent with him are like.

He said those who fabricated the stories are all fools who don’t lie on pillows at night when they go to bed.

watch the video below:


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