Achimota Rasta Man

Tereo accuses his son Tyron of hurting him in a video that went viral just a few hours ago.

Remember how Tereo and Tryon Marghuy made headlines last year when Achimota School denied Tryon’s application to attend due of his religion and hair.

The Marghuys decided to take the matter to court, and were successful in getting a judgement requiring the school to allow the boy to attend with his rasta.

In any case, Tereo accused his son of injuring him with a sharp knife during an incident in the video he released.

“He had a dispute with his sister, and I went over to ask him why, and he simply disconnected his laptop and walked over me, and that is what he has been doing all of these years.” Tereo was referring to the fact that Tereo had gone to him to ask him why he had just done that.” Tereo had bemoaned.

Tereo recently spoke out in support of his kid in an Angel TV interview.

Tereo answered categorically that neither he nor his son drink or smoke, when questioned if his son was under the influence of a substance that caused him to act in that manner.

He defended his son’s actions by claiming that he was just going through a “manliness” period and that he didn’t mean to depict him as a terrible guy.

Source: Dklassgh.Com

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