Last week, CEO of the Arab Money Geng(AMG), Criss Waddle and his protégée, , had a small Twitter feud and banter.

This raised eyebrows and concerns because the two are extremely close, almost like family. The conversation arose when Medikal published a song on the same day as Criss Waddle released his first single off his album.

However, according to Criss Waddle, everything that transpired was a ruse. People are relieved because it would have been horrible for AMG if there had been a true beef.

Because of their friendship, the ‘Azonto Ghost’ hitmaker believes Medikal and him will never be enemies. He mentioned this during an interview with Hitz FM’s Sammy Forson.

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“We had discussed PR stunts. We’ll never have a problem. We chat over a million times every month. We can’t possibly have a problem. Anything that arises may be resolved. I can see what he’s doing. He has the freedom to do so. How can there be a problem?”

Criss Waddle stated that the operation was successfully accomplished, save for Medikal’s apparent delay in carrying out his part in the prank. This, he said, caused him to alter his plans, despite having informed Medikal of the new news.

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“It was supposed to be something completely different. Those tweets were scheduled to occur at the same moment I tweeted the image, but I believe he slept, so I altered my plan, but he had no idea.”


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