of Accra FM, a Ghanaian radio personality, has expressed his displeasure with the Akufo Addo government’s inability to keep most of the promises made to Ghanaians before taking office.

In an interview with Prekese Radio, the outspoken on-air personality characterized the incumbent New Patriotic Party administration as the worst in history since it has failed to deliver on most of the promises it made to Ghanaians.

Nana Romeo went on to criticize the ruling political party, claiming that it can only boast of its free SHS program, which aims to absorb all secondary students’ tuition expenses in the country.

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“This government is the worst and I’m speaking for myself. In the history of , this government is the worst. The Akufo Addo government can only boast of their free SHS policy, nothing else”, he said.

He stated that most New Patriotic Party members are reluctant to come out in large numbers to declare their membership because they think the ruling party has disappointed the country and has failed to deliver the majority of its promises.

“Most members of the NPP are shy to come out because they feel bad because most of the promises the leaders made before assuming power, especially with the fact that they rallied behind and chanted “4 More 4 Nana”, he added.

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Nana Romeo went on to say that while every government faces challenges, the Akufo Addo administration has worsened the matter to the point that children are complaining about the system.

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