Efia Odo vs Sista Afia

The feud between artist Sista Afia and socialite Efia Odo appears to be far from over, as a new Twitter fight has erupted between the two women.

For quite some time, Sista Afia and Efia Odo have been at odds. The underlying cause of their quarrel is unknown, but the two ladies are frequently observed throwing shade at each other.

Sista Afia has called out Efia Odo for body-shaming her in a fresh fight. Sista Afia has issued a warning to Efia Odo, revealing that she has always wanted to reprimand her but that her management has been on her to keep them apart.

She tweeted, “The body-shaming nu how long will you be saying this? Do you want season 5 @Efiaodo1? I’ve always wanted to discipline you despite my team constantly avoiding me but deep down you know you are definitely going to get punched. Just don’t think it’ll be on your watch but mine”.

However, unrepented Efia Odo retweeted back saying that she did not body shammed her but she cannot blame her for being ugly.

“It’s your face I’m talking bout, not your body. Not my fault you look like that

Source; Dklassgh.Com

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